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This classic straight sided mug has a 300ml capacity. 


These mugs are wonderfully robust - made from premium quality stoneware, they can be in and out of the dishwasher on a daily basis with no cracking or dulling of the glaze.


The Blue and White Hearts pattern is one of the classic Boleslawiec Pottery motifs and its enduring popularity is a testament to the timelessness of this design - so simple yet cheerful, bold and uplifting.


These mugs are great to build up into a collection - mix and match more hand-decorated designs in this shape and size and many more in our webshop.

Straight Mug in Hearts

  • by Ceramika Arkadia

    Diameter - 7.5cm
    Height - 9cm
    Capacity - 300ml

  • Product Specifications

    Aga, Oven, Microwave and Dishwasher safe
    Chip, stain and colour fade resistant
    Food safe glaze, lead and cadmium-free
    Hygienic, resistant to odour and flavour absorption


    Twice-fired, premium Boleslawiec Stoneware
    Decorated by hand
    Made In Poland

  • About The Maker

    Every mug, jug or plate with the Ceramika Arkadia stamp has been decorated by hand by founder Ewa Labecka herself.


    Ewa's joyful, vibrant patterns balance the traditional deep blues of Polish Pottery with delicate floral tones and she has a waiting list of customers hailing from all over the world. Her work is available in the UK exclusively via Artisan Homeware.


    Although Arkadia is still a new company, Ewa has put in the work to ensure her creations meet the exacting standards required by the Boleslawiec Potters Guild: only members of the guild can officially be classed as producers of 'Boleslawiec Stoneware'.....

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